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Breathing Techniques for Freediving

An essential instrument for all the ones interested in developing breathing and relaxation techniques. This mnual, mainly addressed to freedivers, suggests various targeted exsercises, thanks to which they can get to know themselves, developing their degree of awareness and at last finding the suitable path to follow for a proper relaxation and efficient ventilation.

- Anatomy

- Dry training

- Breathing postures

- Exercises to increase thoracic elasticity

- Exercises to increase diaphragmatic elasticity

- Practice in the water

- The power of thought

- Reference sequences to be practiced before a training session

The manual features over 100 coloured pictures.

Breathing Techniques for Freediving

SKU: 9788887376708
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    Titolo:                Breathing Techniques for Freediving

    Autore:               Federico Mana

    Lingua:               Inglese

    Pubblicazione:    2010

    Pagine:               120




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