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Rebreather why not?!

This book is an ambitious adventure in the discovery and appeal of Rebreathers, with particular focus on the procedures and the most popular devices adopted by major scuba divers around the world. A balanced debate that reveals secrets, differences, rules and curiosities of these incredibly fascinating devices.
Part of the book is dedicated to the diver’s journey in the Closed Circuit Rebreather world. In particular, the authors of the book analyzed and studied the most popular devices outlining their strengths, guided by the most renowned Italian instructors.
The book is completed by an appendix on the different uses of Rebreathers in professional fields: from the most suggestive military field to the scientific and research fields in recent years.  Professionals that adopt Rebreathers for working purposes on a daily basis, such as archaeologists and biologists, are increasing in numbers.
The book comes with a complete DVD that will accompany the reader into the journey of the Rebreather world and the sea, outlining the potentialities of these appealing devices through advice and tips from famous Italian instructors.
Far from clichés and the usual things written on the internet, the aim of the book is to present Rebreathers for what they actually are: great devices that have integrated man to the sea as no other device has ever done before

Rebreather why not?!

SKU: 9788866490999
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    Titolo:                Rebreather why not?!

    Sottotitolo:         The most appreciated and controversial underwater

    Autori:                Francesco S. D'Aquino

                              Luca Lucarini


    Lingua:               Inglese

    Pubblicazione:    2015

    Pagine:               216




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